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For A Change Magazine: Volume 19 Number 03

Declaring War on a Brutal Killer

This issue deals with the subjects of corruption, vision, marriage and inter religious peace building. Highlights include articles about the Solomon Islands clean election campaign, a person's battle with mental illness, exchanges between Britain and the Arab world and a US city's black heritage.

Due to the state of poverty in which they live, their focus is naturally on their next meal.
A Commentary by Mary Lean, one of the magazine's editors.
An opportunity for Solomon Islanders to explore ways of healing their nation.
Corruption and world poverty are inextricably linked.
A description of a unique series of exchanges between Britain and the Arab world.
A British teacher who taught for years in Sudan, returns to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Independence.
CHARLESTON, on the coast of South Carolina, USA, abounds with Southern charm. Jazz has become part of its history..
A small school with a big mission in the Dominican Republic.
A faith-based marriage is a covenant--which is a relationship entered into by, and with, God.
We've got to inspire people to believe that their efforts at relationships locally can transform the world.
Mental health for me is a challenge, I am not challenged by mental health.
Santosh's small size is no indicator of her gutsy fight for justice.
Rabbi Marc Raphaél Guedj brings rabbis and imams together to work for peace.
Catholic, Jew and Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Confucianist...
While we rush around our homes checking for dripping taps, the water companies also have some work to do.
Some days my sense of nothingness and being a nobody is as addictive as my sense of really being something and somebody.
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