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Oxford Clean Slate Week

A special week to take the message of clean slate to the people of Oxfordshire

Monday 29 November - Sunday 5 December, 1999

This week was designed as a focus on the Clean Slate theme for all the people of Oxfordshire.

The idea was launched at a reception in the Oxford Town Hall by the Lord Mayor of Oxford, Val Smith, on October 5, 1999. The reception was attended by Oxford personalities, including the Chairman of the County Council, Harry Wyatt, the Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Revd Richard Harries, Dr Evan Harris MP, Peter Schippl, Managing Director of Rover Group, and representatives from churches, the Police, the University, voluntary organisations, businesses and the ethnic minorities.

Describing the Clean Slate Campaign as 'an imaginative millennium idea', the Lord Mayor welcomed this 'chance to reflect and think where we, the community and the world are going. Clean Slate gives us a chance to do this. It is a simple idea, which won't cost money, and something we can all do.'

She went on to spell out the kind of action that might be envisaged. 'We can all choose what we do - we can patch up a row with a neighbour or a friend, or accept an olive branch offered by someone else - or return that book you have had for five years…. Alternatively we could do something we have always meant to do - start taking our bottles to the bottle bank, take public transport to work, or visit a neighbour or relative we have been too busy to do for too long.'

County Council Chairman Harry Wyatt and West Oxford MP Evan Harris also spoke, welcoming the idea and pledging their support.

The Oxford Mail, local MPs, the City Council, and other local leaders also backed the week.


Monday 29 November

Fox FM broadcast news items about Clean Slate Week throughout the day.

Edward Feild Primary School in Kidlington held a school assembly and had a ceremonial burning of pieces of paper on which children and staff had written the things they wanted to leave behind in the old millennium. This was reported in The Oxford Mail on Dec 3rd.

Campaign Chairman Edward Peters addressed the Oxford City Rotary Club about the campaign.

The Oxford Channel broadcast street interviews with Oxfordshire residents about what they want to do to clean their slates.

Thursday 2 December

Leaflets were handed out in Bonn Square throughout the day, and there was considerable interest from passers by.

The Lord Mayor of Oxford held a tea party in her Town Hall parlour for the 12 winners of the schools competition. This was reported on The Oxford Channel.

Friday 3 December

The Oxford Mail carried a report on the symbolic burning by school children of things they wanted to leave behind in the old millennium.

BBC Radio Thames Valley interviewed one of the winners of the schools competition, Sabrina Cardoso of Frideswide School.

Children from Edward Feild Primary School in Kidlington presented highlights of their work with the clean slate theme, at a public meeting for parents and other guests. It was a powerful presentation of music, art and poetry. Local MP Evan Harris spoke.

Saturday 4 December

A millennium exhibition at St Albans Church, Charles Street, included the Clean Slate Campaign.

Sunday 5 December

Several churches marked the Clean Slate theme in special ways.

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