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South African archives

The archives of MRA/IofC in South Africa are housed in Pretoria.

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The archives of MRA/IofC in South Africa are housed in Pretoria.

For more information please email Pieter and Meryl Horn.

Physical copies available in this location

"Relationships between employers and employees should be on the basis of what is right, rather than who is right."
President of the Senate, Senator C.A. van Niekerk addressed audience after performance of play.
Senator C. A. van Niekerk said, "Moral Rearmament can help every nation to restore the spiritual backbone of democracy."
Theatre production by Alan Thornhill dramatised an inspired ideology for democracy.
'If moral rearmament were applied then we wouldn't need the class war.'
"I had to find an idea valid for White South Africa and the most militant African leadership."
International Movement that is troubling Moscow.
International, Christian Movement that is Troubling Moscow.
A talk given at a luncheon of the 'Scottish Women of the Hour'
Norah Caulfield, from the United Kingdom, is producer of this industrial drama.
Inspiring play performed at Gandhi Hall, Durban.
Mineworker Union leader apologizes to Underground Manager whom he had opposed for years.
A play - a weapon in today's war of ideas.
British MP says that the play 'brings the stage back to its original function of presenting new ideas'.
Appeals to Moral Re-Armament conference for 'Church Aflame'.
Karroo sheep farmer, Roland Kingwill, believes 'you can make plans on paper but you have to build them out of people.'
Film "An Idea Takes Wings" shown in South Africa.
S.A. miners at Moral Re-Armament conference.
'Hot gospelers' play at Hofmeyr Theatre, Cape Town


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